Justin Gessert - Crew Chief
Justin has helped Nichols Racing since 2007. Since his addition to the crew, Mike has won National titles in ’07 and ’10 while landing in the National runner-up spot in ’08 and ’09. Justin’s attention to detail is a huge key to Nichols Racing’s success on the track. That detail helped in ’10 as Mike ran the entire season without a single DNF.

   Anita Nichols

Anita is Mike's wife and has been a great addition to the team. As an ICU nurse, her attention to detail and organizational skills have helped with keeping better records and maximizing the team's efforts in the shop. She is not afraid to get her hands dirty and assists with any of the day to day needs on the car.

    Paul Zimmerman
Paul has been a part of the Nichols Racing campaign for several years. His dedication, loyalty and hard work the past couple years has been instrumental to 30+ win seasons. Paul handles the general maintenance on the 63 machine from week to

     Mike Diercks
Mike has worked on a late model team for a number of years. He brings his vast racing knowledge to the crew on his nights off from the late model and helps in any way needed. He has also helped in the shop putting the new car together for this year and is always willing to help when needed.

    Sterling Sorensen
Sterling has helped Nichols Racing since 2009. A mechanic by day, Sterling brings his vast automobile knowledge to the team and helps with day to day maintenance on the car.

   Josh Nielsen
Josh, also known as ‘Niely’, has helped Nichols Racing for over 15 years. A life long friend of Mike, Josh has helped in all aspects of the car. He is also the team’s designated ‘traffic controller’ and ‘chief beverage consumer’.

   Tuffy Zimmerman
Tuffy is retired and would list his occupation now as the official tire and body man for Nichols Racing. Tuffy keeps the cars looking good on a weekly basis and mounts all the tires needed throughout the year. He is an invaluable member of the team.

    Mike Onnen
Mike has been on the Nichols Racing crew for over 10 years. Onnen has a background with electrical experience and thus helps with the wiring as well as all of the day to day maintenance.

    Brian Dotzler
Brian, also known as 'Dotz' has over 10 years on the Nichols Racing crew. He is a shop handyman helping with all day to day maintenance and is the team’s official ‘Super Nationals Event Coordinator’ and 'Chief Beverage Engineer'. Brian is also the website designer and a sponsor.

   Axl Peterson
Axl is the team’s comedian always bringing a laugh with him to the shop and the track. He has over 8 years of experience wrenching on the 63 machine.

   Stan Nichols
Stan is Mike’s father and has been a key in his success from the beginning as also explained in the ‘About Mike’. He is a valuable asset to the team with his wide knowledge of dirt track racing.

     Chris Gaul
Chris has been an active crew member for over 15 years. He offers any assistance on the car that he can between farming and raising 3 kids.